DELTON Technology SE as an owner

  • We are technology investors and a trusted partner for technology-oriented companies with an industrial basis. We believe that technology can serve as a deep rooted differentiation for economic success and change the world for the better

  • We are committed to the long-run and aim to build and grow a strategic portfolio of companies. We therefore consider business-models that show strong value potential in the long-term and across industry cycles or require investments to unlock future potentials

  • We drive sustainability by investing into businesses that support the UN sustainability development goals. We are convinced that ethical and value-driven company management, positive societal impact and business benefits reinforce each other

  • We trust the management teams of our companies and believe that businesses prosper from independence and an entrepreneurial and technically savvy management that is enabled to drive a strategic agenda. We support where needed through coaching, methodologies and funding

  • We are passionate owners aiming for value creation and prosperous development of our companies while valuing accountability, integrity and discipline in company management

  • We provide structures and processes that ensure smooth business operations to enable our managers to focus on what they do best: to develop technology oriented companies